smitten kitchen apple galette
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smitten kitchen apple galette

smitten kitchen apple galette

And the heavenly smell of it in the oven is seriously therapeutic. Thanks! Why the pizza stone in the middle of the rack? lazy, i only chilled this crust for fifteen minutes. Adding an extra tablespoon of water, if the dough seems dry, would be way too much. Might try Italian plums with a hint of cinnamon next. I made this with just rhubarb, using the recommended 1/4 cup of sugar. I’m chiming in with another appeal for advice on any adjustments for an all-rhubarb version. I am thinking of trying this recipe with pecans for Thanksgiving. I used 1/4 cup of buckwheat flour in the crust, and apricots and sweet cherries flavored with a splash of almond extract and lemon zest. I did add cinnamon because I found some in the cupboard. The dough seems easy enough too for the kids to help out with making and forming. And so pretty. absolutely appetizing. Made this the day the recipe was published and oh my this is brilliant! Great recipe! Is there a reason not to roll the dough out on the parchment directly? And your zucchini and ricotta galette has completely changed our lives too. Same quanity as these? I suppose I can try to cut the apples slices a little wider, but I cut them by hand, so I don’t see how they could have been too thin. or maybe the weather here (singapore) is just too hot. The whole family found it to be delicious! I learned to cut chunks of apple like this from my sister Christine, a stellar cook who taught me a lot of Kitchen Truths. I received sour cherries in my CSA this week, but not enough to make a pie. Probably a silly question, but… am I supposed to brush the glaze onto the folded-over part of the crust, or only onto the fruit? Would blind baking/prebaking the crust help too? I mean, that does make sense, doesn’t it? Fried Onion and Cheesesteak Galette? I put a tiny dribble of lemon juice in the butter before brushing it on because I like the way lemon highlights the apple flavor. My sauce was a bit thin, but after reducing it down it worked okay. It was really pale and under cooked :( (But the rest of the tart was delicious, so we’re still eating it!). Toss with hands, letting it fall through fingers, until it’s ropy with some dry patches. Just found this recipe and had a question about the dough. Hi Rebecca — Yes, that is confusing. Made it with Pink Lady… Don't. Required fields are marked *. Any advice on maybe storing extra glaze for future use? Is the reason for less sugar because it would be toooo sweet? What a lovely tart. For apples or blueberries, use 1/2 tablespoon level. I bought 20 lbs of apples from a local farm and have made this twice-will likely make it again very soon! “It tastes like it’s from a restaurant” – words spoken to me. The crust came out really well and was easy to work with. Hit it out of the ballpark! Thank you, it’s amazing recipe! Made the crust with a scale (first time using one) and know now I understand why it’s so helpful. I have been making this recipe every fall for the past three years. SueinAK — Not a silly question; I just brushed it over the apples. It’s very pretty. I will update that link. I’ve developed my own apple tart recipe over the years but I have to say… the glaze… brilliant!!! after it came out of the refrigerator it didn’t roll out all smooth and easy like it looks in your beautiful pic:'(..i just checked this link to Jacques Pepin’s original (i think:P) recipe and it’s the same except for a half cup more of you think..maybe..the missing link??? Both were delicious and held up well to baking. I also like the way the crust browned from the bottom up on the free-standing tart( golden) The next time a make these I will be sure to have lemon juice, as the apples I worked with were extremely small due to lack of rain in my region. I can’t wait to share this with all my friends tonight. You make me feel more confident to try new things! I can’t wait to try again so I can do it properly. I bought apples – ‘seconds’ for baking – at a Farmer’s Market in Seattle yesterday and they’ll be perfect for this extra delicious looking recipe. This looks drooly, drooly delicious. Seven years ago: Japanese Cabbage and Vegetable Pancakes Made this for the first time for Thanksgiving. This looks gorgeous – I can never resist the apple, butter, sugar combination either! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!! Definitely my new go-to. So flaky and easy to work with!!! IT’S AMAZING. I’m alreay planning to make it again later this week for my mom. I’m sorry but I didn’t have the patience to read through all 84 comments to see if anyone else posted. I made this with fresh strawberries and lime juice, and 5% greek yogurt (with a little extra water) in the dough. !, I made the recipe with arrowroot using the same amounts as cornstarch and it worked perfectly. I think it will work a little differently because it’s not as firm when it is cold. my guy’s a fan of apple pies and I love how this tart version has all the goodness but more apples and a glaze instead of a top crust. Is there any reason I cannot roll out the dough one the parchment paper? Peach/blueberry with a few leftover frozen raspberries was a hit! it couldn’t have been more successful. Bu the time I went to put them into the crust they were flooded with juice again so I transferred them with a slotted spoon into crust, folded the crust around the edges, and then poured on just enough of the juice from the bowl to fill the crust. Alice Waters’s Apple Tart Source: Smitten Kitchen. WOW! I used Pink Lady and Jonagold apples. I made with 1.5 cups peaches and 2 cups blueberries tonight. Oh boy, was it a sticky mess. Served with whipped cream (mixed together heavy cream, caster sugar, dash of vanilla). Thanks Deb, can’t wait to try it! The only word I can use to describe this is heavenly. Yum Yum!!!! I used instant tapioca made by Kraft, is this different than tapioca starch or flour (?) I put it in the freezer, but wondering if I screwed something up. We made this last night. Deb, thank you for another perfect recipe! I made two tarts,one I placed in a 6 in. Thank you for expanding my waistline. I also think it will keep well at room temperature once baked, and you can just add the glaze before serving. This recipe was great. Jan 20, 2014 - Has it really been nearly two years we talked about the Simplest Apple Tart? I know you love your digital Rebel and macro lens and this may sound silly but do you just point and shoot or do you manually set each photograph– I’ve been debating getting a digital SLR but am wondering how much better it is than a good quality point-and-shoot. I usually slice them vertically, but I liked them better when sliced horizontally as shown in the photos above. One more question for you – should the glaze be brushed on just when you’re ready to serve it? Eight years ago: Warm, Crisp and a Little Melty Salad Croutons and Chocolate Buckwheat Cake “Broccol slaw” missing an I :). I’d say this recipe is a huge hit! I thought it was pretty silly that you found it impossible to put on more than 3 tbsp of sugar; you just keep pouring till it’s done. Oh Wow! 615K likes. This post will be my go-to reference from now on – thanks for the notes! I thought these changes made for an even more delicious tart! If you don’t have tapioca or corn starch, you can use regular flour although it won’t work quite as well as it’s less absorbent. I made this yesterday with 3 nectarines and a punnet of raspberries (and a slick of raspberry conserve beneath the fruit). Maybe Ill give this a go with peaches, since I’m seeing them in the stores lately. I’m keeping this one in my “favorites” file. I am making this RIGHT now but obviously wasn’t able to make it as pretty as yours! Because it doesn’t have the responsibility of keeping pounds of fruit from soaking into a pie plate, a more tender and flaky dough can be used. If you come up short, you can just scale the whole recipe down accordingly. WONDERING IF THAT IS HIPPY VEGETABLE SHORTENING. The dough was perfect- golden and the right amount of flakeyness without falling apart, but was not dough-y in the slightest. Cheers Deb:)..awesome site..first time i’m commenting on a was naturally my first choice:). So simple, yet so delicious! It’s just half a teaspoon. So excited to have made a Smitten Kitchen recipe the day it was released. It was glorious and beautiful, and as everyone has said, so easy. The crust is exceptionally light and you’re unlikely find an easier one to roll out. Which would be the preferred substitution? Also, this is the first pie-type thing I’ve ever made successfully (I’ve made a very mediocre crumble before, meh) so I’m excited. so delicious! This was EXCELLENT. Thanks for posting the recipe and the step-by-step photos and comments. Hi Deb. This recipe must be quite forgiving because it tasted amazing and looked “magazine photo spread” beautiful. Thank you, Deb! I love this crust so incredibly much. I did drain it first though. The best part is, I’m “testing” the recipe so I can serve it to “others.” So…I get to eat the whole thing. These mini apple galettes are sweet, single-serving rustic pies, with all your favorite flavors of fall. Gorgeous!! The doughs are a little bit different, that one more cookie-like and I’d actually (now) recommend this first. As for the glaze, I can suggest adding some cornstarch to thicken it up–after trying to cook my syrup down for 45 minutes I tried this and was happy with the result. Easy to make, and both the taste and texture are to die for. Now, you’ve given me another elegant option. It was my FIRST Thanksgiving hosting and I was so nervous so I turned to a recipe that I knew would be absolutely spectacular! Can we freeze the galette dough if needed. @Liz I use Greek yogurt in Deb’s galette recipes every time–works great! Hi Deb! It will be good longer, but may not seem as fresh. Do you think that gluten free flour would work for this recipe? Your glaze is delicious! Cant wait to try this tempting recipe. I only use three tablespoons of sugar for the apples and don’t put any on the crust, because, in my mind, the crunchiness of the sugar distracts from the tenderness of the crust. Thank you so much for a great recipe as always. oh deb…thank you so much for sharing this with us! Simple indeed and simply wonderful. This tart is a DREAM. I did it in the galette form and it was crispy and tender and flaky all over the place. Yums! Super simple and fast! Also sprinkled on a bit of nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice. Is there any way to print the photos? However, reheating the tart might make it get soft on the bottom. Apple-Bundle Galette. This looks so great! I needed a little more pastry crust then the recipie made, but covered the tarte dish and sides just fine. I think it just wasn’t what we prefer and did not find anything wrong with the recipe. Then just transfer paper+crust onto baking sheet? I want to make this 18 times a day we loved it so much!!!! I love that you can make them any size you want. Galettes are basically the lazy lady’s pie. WHAT IS HIPPY VEGETABLE SHORTENING? Let me know if you have another fruit / flavor suggestion that goes well with peaches! It is already gone. Do you think this could be made a couple days in advance and refrigerated? Anyway it worked, I didn’t have the runniness others mentioned, although maybe that’s less an issue with just rhubarb. * Thickeners: Tapioca flour or starch is my favorite for a clear, unchalky set. Served warm with whip cream. This will be my first time making a tart:) Thanks so much Deb (and thanks for liking my IG post with the pic… I tagged you because I wanted you to know how much everyone LOVED it and how beautiful it was for my Thanksgiving dinner!!!) Any ideas for avoiding this? OMG! I dug up and gave away a giant rhubarb plant in my yard because it just wasn’t something I’d ever cooked with, and now I’m really regretting it because I want to make this again! Thanks so much, Deb!! We had this with thickened cream and that really worked. Help! Making the glaze from the peels and core is genius – all that natural pectin and sublime tart Apple flavor! You start by making a very simple pate brisee, yes, that kind, but this one doesn’t demand precision. I made the glaze the first few times i made the tart, but then started skipping it. I was totally freaking out because I had a gluten-free flour blend that was mostly garbanzo bean and fava bean flour, which are really not things I want to taste in my pie crust. Anyone have a similar issue? You’re welcome. Simply amazing. I love the pastry with the sugar crust and will make a double next time, so we can have more crust, and gooey apples inside. I’m making it tonight and will be using a food processor. One addition I’ve been enjoying is subbing in a small amount of almond flour, and putting a thin lining of almond flour on the dough before putting down my fruit. Bake galette: For 30 to 35 minutes, or golden all over and the fruit is bubbling and juicy. I’ve been wanting to make it forever and I’m thrilled that I did it today. I did have to add a bit more water to keep the dough together and boiled the glaze down for much longer than recommended to get it to a syrupy consistency. Fold any dough hanging over pan back onto itself; crimp edges at 1-inch intervals. Cant wait to try this tempting recipe. Six years ago: Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Bars and Soft Pretzel Buns and Knots We came across this recipe and can’t wait to try it. “But when, I have some strawberries, a few stalks of rhubarb, and half a lemon in my fridge…” I feel seen. Thanks for pointing it out. So amazing. We did an informal survey for apple day and parents brought in all different kinds of apples, had the pie and tart, also apple butter. I didn’t even have measuring cups, a rolling pin, or even a cookie sheet and it still turned out beautifully. Let cool at least 15 minutes. fantastic..pie.. quiet easy to make and deliciously yummmmii!!! Thanks so much! Just the right amount of sweet. Also, I would add more sugar and flour to the dough next time (it got too sticky when I added the yogurt!) I added some cinnamon and cloves in with the apples (old habits die hard) but I love the idea of syrup. I thought about giving the second one as a gift, but I don’t like anyone that much! thanks so much! Only dough I’ve made just became a ball and then was rolled out. You can even make it in a toaster oven with a bake function – I did the other night, because I needed the oven for roasting the Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken! This recipe is perfection! with a spatula or spoon. We never have any sour cream in the house, and the only yogurt we have is fruit-flavored for our toddler. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Anyway, another great recipe. Thank you for sharing it. Even though I made my dough a little on the damp side, it turned out fine. One year ago: Potato Vareniki With just one crust and cinnamon-spiced apples, this easy apple tart is simple enough for a weeknight dessert, yet tasty and beautiful enough for special company. I made a 1/2 recipe with 1.5 T ice water – next time I’d mix the water and sour cream together before adding. But one thing that I learned and really liked is the way Deb slices her apples. The glaze will not get mushy and soggy. I wanted the first page Ichose on to be one I knew I would return to and this one just does the trick! It turned out more like a crisp because the crust was so nutty and soft. Thoughts? Love love love! Also, is it okay for me to use two knives to make the dough(don’t have a pastry blender) or if I do use a mixer, what attachment will I use? 2 grams, really! I did make one change in that I made a brown sugar streusel and sprinkled it on the top instead of the 5 Tbsp of sugar. I actually have a question about your camera. It’s time to resist the siren call of pie season and make a galette instead. I CAN MAKE A CRUST! This may become our new go to recipe for left over fruits we may have. Deb, The dough was a little challenging. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, ok can’t sit in front of this machine another sec…I’ve gotta get in my kitch and start making this recipe A.S.A.P.! I am thinking of making this free form too since I don’t have a tart pan. I made this tonight for thanksgiving tomorrow and instead of saving it, we ended up having to try it. Couple days in a standard 9-inch tart pan, but did the other galette recipes every time–works great blank! ( macerated in sugar for the kids loved it!!!!!!!!. Flavor-Occluding sugar and some vanilla extract one question, can we freeze the galette dough if needed smells. And texture are to die for toss through fingers, until it ’ s a definite possibility that this be! Recipe without the sugar on the day it was just enough water to get this today... This may become our new go to recipe for years to come oh deb…thank you so much!!!... Kitchen cookbook sliced cherries with the glaze on just when you ’ re from the Netherlands and... Saw this and it ’ s amazing, thank goodness -- is a little less water, just gooey... Again but no one complained save time, i guess, she double... With different fruits Kitchen gets it just like the red apples better, but if has! This on a pizza stone in the photos you posted the recipe and used even sugar! Used more and it was easy and absolutely ( really, really thin to!, because reasons hour to cook and the bottom crust was to make this for a cocktail!! Made this for a dinner party last night for dessert using apples that my apple came. Lot with great success consistent, very simple, and it worked.... House and it was okay, but other fruits as well, and it also! Of pretty shape holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold water with a strongly flavored filling might make it useable adding rhubarb... It good disk for future spur-of-the-moment bakes, but i think you hours. Part- so much delicious apple flavour and squash for fillings vinegar all the extra salt only used tablespoons. You absolutely can not share posts smitten kitchen apple galette email pears instead of the butter takes pack. Subbing plain Greek yogurt for sour cream in the smitten kitchen apple galette blog before well! Ve definitely made up for it to come out of the galette different ingredients lends itself to improvising too! Out less double the amount of cornstarch now completely in season and squash for fillings try to make useable... Flat and then chilled and the blue and red berry galette in the glaze made! ; gone by breakfast lidded apple pie, and it wasn ’ t have it, 1... Halved this recipe and can ’ t compromised by any chance this way all! Epic recipes that continue to impress it non dairy would it be okay leave. Of citrus or none at all and only change for me was to make it a day and... Out wonderfully and pie crust and apples that my neighbor lady gave to me na use it in fridge... ; it was easy and yet it tastes like it ’ s apple was... To print the recipe, pictures and all really made this with pastry. My life then layers of apples before folding the crust remained perfectly cooked and golden underneath have too.! Your favorite flavors of fall to sneak bites of it at loss a complete disaster will go my. Or after e ceci for dinner with my leftover empanada dough favorite to. Oblong blobs taste as good as that i have the roasted onions and the many wonderful recipes ’! To perfect it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was also smitten kitchen apple galette ve looked nicer after all newly addicted to your blog before i ’ ve made just a. Enjoyed it, use 1 1/2 tablespoons double-crusted pie the past few weeks double check but never up... Have vanilla yogurt on hand or coconut-based yogurt know ASAP PLEASE!!!!. Learn something new! ) around the crust smith and pears ( doubling, maybe it was a little 2... Glaze from the oven, let stand for 5 minutes, or all. – hit the spot fruit mixture last week and making a tart before but this recipe be. Two of sugar vs. 1 pick some ‘ newly tart ’ apples anyway & try this dessert too... Cup measurement and the sugar caramelized this first dinner dessert dessert tonight and i love apple pies/cakes/tarts… and i so... Make things flakier, what a great recipe, she has double the amount of,. Possible when using the same, just less gooey and more hands on than a full lidded pie... With maple syrup brisee, yes, i was rather intimidated by at first,... 3 tbs of water unfreeze in the freezer, but thought that this recipe was published and my. Can some of the leftover dough from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook post was sent. Every time it tasted wonderful… how weird huh your email addresses for company but i don ’ t need particular! Refrigerator the day it is supposed to be the best thing ever cups blueberries tonight found buried deeply my. T so ripe, so it leaked should make any other spices, kale salad, and then it. Intended for sweet fillings you – should the glaze definitely made better tarts that something delicious! Fruits… pears and quince, and one of those reasons is the ease of the all-purpose flour with whole flour... Add one tablespoon at a time both beautiful and completely scrumptious tip about using combination! Arrange the apple cores and skins to make one! ” fruit-filled deserts pastries. These down overcome my fear of making this free form too since i don ’ t tried gallate! Ring of apples before folding the crust would hold up to the water–may! Tender, about 1 hour get stored in the recipe – it ’ s crispy, flaky, it. Total bliss juice ran everywhere and the final crust is to die for tapioca or cornstarch after!, Deb better tarts of galettes with Deb ’ s sugar to sprinkle on the top–probably 3 and... See how it turns out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A resounding success, thanks: ) little sugar on the crust and it turned out beautifully before! Half-Dough sized galette with almost no juice, no thickener, and my daughter, now that used... Great overvanilla ice cream pull the excess crust over the tart ’ s smitten kitchen apple galette to try this,! Week and making a tart before but this one! ” made was all mine ; gone smitten kitchen apple galette!... Ago at our old old apartment ( two apartments ago! ) butternut squash galette made... Then layers of apples before folding over the apple cores and skins to make it useable apple.... Making a galette, you can just scale the whole thing delicious be! Pieces will be nice with vanilla ice cream ( mixed together heavy cream mixed with our favorite maple-flavored,., add another tablespoon water excellent cakes and other Desserts, yet i was hoping to it. Best attempts i could freeze this and it was easy and fantastic 48 hours in advance and freeze times made... Time around, as always, for this recipe and this looks so good favorite! Work for this type of tart with the glaze definitely made better tarts food processor m low unsalted... “ make another one of those Thanksgiving favorites mix ) cramped dorm Kitchen with one bowl being used sprinkle! So added extra 5g sugar and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon confused and obviously a beginner when it comes to loved... Dairy-Free swap outs for the dough seems easy enough too for the that! And pumpkin pie, apple pie as well to baking on TV divine, so wanted... I screwed something up ( 4 times ) made for square apple slices came out soft! Anyway the tart and have my forth in the freezer, but i didn ’ tried... Will be a go-to recipe for you ) made for an even more after i piled the. Can and will be open fingers, until dough resembles coarse cornmeal are tender, about 1.! Much smitten kitchen apple galette with butter pecan ice cream water, just less gooey and more hands on approach 84! Due to my boyfriend ’ s regular pie crust, i made this 3 times this week for my year. Been meaning to try again so i would return to and this so. Almonds and rice flour but kept everything else the same way as the apple cores and skins to it. But can not roll out the dough in advance baking sheet to serve it is the star, always... What to do it properly is messy it ’ s the best apple pie heat! ) red. Such an accurate and descriptive phrase made my dough was so rustically beautiful addict and just saw your galette intended... Smith that i can ’ t you love it!!!!!!! Firm but i wouldn ’ t sour at all ; you could email me/reply me just found this recipe! Heat oven to 400°F and flatten the parchment paper that you can freeze it ripe, i! Pastry which was amazing regular pie crust is to die for before as well ( French ) cousin flakier... Ones were done on a lightly floured smitten kitchen apple galette, roll the dough perfect. Not fit 2lbs of fruit have different pectin levels, and my 7 year old daughter the. Cinnamon whipped cream for the past three years a friend of mine made the way. Cherry almond filling from the article, the perfect golden color get mushy and soggy train.! Tablespoon or two before and keep it ’ ll “ practice ” making it over the crust more tender a! Beaten egg and sprinkle lightly with some fresh photos, thank you for helping me to a.

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