sprinkler irrigation mcq
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sprinkler irrigation mcq

sprinkler irrigation mcq

Find the duty of irrigation water for the crop at the head of water course assuming losses of water to be 20% in the water course _____ hectares/ cumec, Depth of water required on the field during transplantation = 500 mm, Useful rainfall during this period = 120 mm, Depth of water required to be supplied by the water Course. Agronomy/Agriculture Multiple Choice Objective Questions and Answers– Agronomy Questions and Answers are one of the most important set of Multiple Choice Objective Questions asked in different agriculture competition exams. JRF MCQ(S) (A). irrigation water use, it is possible to estimate water use based on the number and type of emission devices (e.g., sprinklers or drip emitters), their associated characteristics (e.g., flow rate at the system’s operating pressure), and the irrigation schedule. which is easy to understand and improve your skill. b) Extensive irrigation should be adopted in areas susceptible to water logging. June 21. The wave height , in meters , generated on the surface of a reservoir, having a fetch Length F=30km , due to wind blowing on the surface of the reservoir at a velocity of 30 km/hr is : If the discharge required for different crops is 0.4 cumecs in the field and the capacity factor and time factors are 0.8 and 0.5 respectively. If the moisture content present in the soil before irrigation is 8.2%, how deep (mm) the soil profile will be wetted with an application of 50mm of irrigation water _______ mm. 11. A soil sample has an exchangeable sodium percentage of 16% , its electrical conductivity is 3.2 millimhos/cm and pH of 9.5. ... Agriculture MCQ Exams. Salient features of scientific calculator, Understanding Caselets in Data Interpretation, XL Life Science- 2016 GATE Paper (Practice Test). Learn Irrigation Engineering MCQ questions & answers are available for a Civil Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. Correct Answer. (a). If D is the depth of scour in regime flow in a right angled bend, it is. Concrete Technology MCQ Practice Questions (Civil Eng) Set 6 If the height of the hydraulic gradient line above the floor of thickness t is h and the specific gravity of the material of the floor is G , the minimum thickness t of the floor down stream of the crestwall, is given by the equation: Water saving to the tune _____ of percent is possible in sprinkler irrigation system (A) 30 to 50 (B) 60 to 65 (C) 55 to 85 (D) 70 to 80 . The loss of fertile topsoil due to heavy rain and wind is called ? The infilteration capacity of the soil may be taken as 6cm/hr and the average depth of flow on the field as 10cm. The pressure causes the water to flow out through the sprinkler nozzle. How is the soil classified? According to Lacey, depth of scour in a river depends upon the straightness of the reach. Aeration through soil is good so quantity as well as quality of produce is also good. Here below find the drive links for important 125 Irrigation Engineering MCQ questions study materials as pdf. the available moisture has been used _______ mm. (in Ha), (Important - Enter only the numerical value in the answer). The field capacity of the soil is 27% depth of root zone is 1m, specific gravity of the soil is 1.35 and irrigation is started when 50% of By continuing, I agree that I am at least 13 years old and have read and agree to the. This Irrigation Engineering MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. 212. decreases upto a certain limit and then increases. The solved questions answers in this Irrigation quiz give you a good mix of easy questions and tough questions. This may cause to increase your power bill. this video provides 125 irrigation engineering objective questions and answers. The total number of independent equations that form the Lacey regime theory is : A canal was designed to supply the irrigation needs of 1200 hectares to land growing rice of 140 days base period having a Delta of 134cms. Water use efficiency is highest in..? a) Only 1 b) Only 1 and 2 c) Only 3 d) Only 2 and 3. infographics! All parameters and graphical representations considered in this example are for explanation purpose only, parameters or representation may be different in actual applications. Water application efficiency in this case would be : Sodium Adsorption Ratio is expressed as : The width of a dowla is generally kept between 30 to 60 cm and its height above the road level should invariably be more than, A water course commands an irrigated are 1000 hectares. Borrow pits should preferably be located in. The older sprinkler models did not have the pop-up height as they do today. Sc., agriculture, M. Sprinkler systems have several other uses such as spraying of water for germination, control, of soil temperature, control of humidity and frost protection. Note: This page is updated.. Starting…. Irrigation has helped to bring most of the fallow land under cultivation. c) Lift irrigation increases water logging. Agriculture & Irrigation system in India (Notes+MCQ) In this module, we shall learn about Agriculture in India, Types of Farming in India, List of Agricultural Revolutions in India, Cropping Seasons, Major Crops in India, Green Revolution in India, Irrigation in India, Irrigation – Sources and Methods, Irrigation Development in India. For a border strip method of irrigation, it is required to irrigate a strip of 0.04 Ha area from a tube well with a discharge of 0.02 cumec. time required (in Hrs) to irrigate 4Ha plot? The result is you have water out of the nozzle that is hitting the turf or soil. During the assessments, you will be tested on: Surface irrigation Sub-irrigation The demand of water has been, consistently increasing from various sectors like municipal, industry etc. March 21. Irrigation is done when 40% of the available moisture is used. a) Intensive irrigation should be avoided in areas susceptible to water logging. If this canal water is used to irrigate wheat of base period 120 days having a Delta of 52 cm, the area (in Hectares) that can be irrigated is, determine the seepage pattern under gravity dam. These MCQs are theoretical as well as numerical types. Wetted perimeter of a regime channel for a discharge of 64 cumec as per Lacey's theory will be : This mock test of Irrigation for GATE helps you for every GATE entrance exam. Agriculture MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) All Agriculture Exams Preparation. Here are MCQ's of irrigation and drainage (I&D)-7. The overlap of sprinklers increase with _____ in wind velocity (A) Decreases (B) Increases (C) Lowering (D) None of the above . Jose Rizal Memorial State University - Katipunan Campus, Jose Rizal Memorial State University - Katipunan Campus • FARM POWER 1, A%20Global%20Mapping%20System%20for%20Bambara%20Groundnut%20Production, University of Nairobi School of Biological Sciences, Handbook for Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, 12th Edition.pdf, University of Nairobi School of Biological Sciences • EDUCATION 101, Jose Rizal Memorial State University • COLLEGE OF Chapters 1, Daymar College, Clarksville • POWER SYSTEMS ECE 305. The surface irrgation application efficiency is 40%. Irrigation Engineering MCQ question is the important chapter for a Civil Engineering and GATE students. The total losses during irrigation are  35% and peak daily moisture use is 4.5mm _______, Determine the net depth of irrigation required to irrigate the field 1000 m long and 10 m wide from a source supplying water at the rate of 30000 liters / hr in clay loam soil in moderate climate. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. In sprinkler irrigation water is applied over the crop canopy in form of fine droplets or spray. Water flow rate means the amount of … The available moisture holding capacity of the soil is 180mm per meter and depth of root zone is 1.1m. In case of alkaline soil ESP > 15 and pH lies in range 8.5 - 10.0. Irrigation Engineering MCQ Test & Online Quiz: Take the Irrigation Engineering MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Irrigation Engineering. Anyone can prepare from here for different jobs. Additional water required. The spray is developed by the flow of water under pressure through small orifices or nozzles. The initial set up cost is very high.

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